The Passionate Connection Between Spirits and Profitability

The bar scene now is nothing short of intense. Mixologists, cicerones and sommeliers all are stretching their collective mind-set into a spirited culture that artfully connects presentation, craftsmanship, storied history and possibilities.

But what are guests looking for swirling in that glistening glass of Barolo? Why do they build a connection with a local Scotch ale or an authentic Brazilian caipirinha? What are the cocktail trends now?

Create buzz around your beverage menu by elevating the preparation and presentation of your cocktails, beers and wines.

Preparations for Big Reactions. Increase the popularity and profitability of your bar by piquing the whole room’s interest and engaging your guests with smoke and flair using our Chemistry Bar line. Stirring cocktails makes them look and taste different than shaking, and creates excitement for your perfectly mixed and balanced specialty.

Glamorize the Classics. From gin to rum and bourbons, the retro
cocktail culture is back. Showcase your reinventions in brilliant glass tumblers that harken the look of cut glass of prohibition days. Present the 1950s classic mai tai in Tiki tumblers. Being authentic to historical drink recipes and presentations makes the connection that modern guests return for again and again.

The right glass and preparation techniques are essential to intensify aromas and tastes, and also capture the right look for the experience of your bar. It’s what turns heads – as well as a profit.

Capitalizing on Beverage Trends Elevates the Bar Experience and Business Possibilities

See cocktail preparations with big pay offs

Explore how today’s golden age of cocktails commands top dollar