Create Experiences for Communities and Individuals

Your establishment is a place to gather – and so much more. While your guests share conversation, comfort and connection, they also crave a unique, personal experience.

Today’s guests come to the table with a diversity of taste personalities ranging from the adverse to the adventurous. Explore new ways to empower customization on the left side of your menu to delight guests, whether they are experiencing it as “yours,” “mine” or “ours.”

Unsurpassed Passables. Chefs inspired by the comfort of communal trays and bowls heaped high with charred vegetables or smoked pork are now curating complementary offerings of garnishes, dustings and sauces to give guests the personal experience they seek.

Are your garlic-chili rubbed wings a hot item? Kick them up a notch with accompanying sriracha and wasabi-habenero sauces in small bowls. Do they come from miles around for your street-food style Coxinha? Add a tangy vinaigrette and cachaça hot sauce to spice it up. Let your imagination flow freely with sauce and spice combinations that will surely suit everyone at the table.

Tasting Flights for Every Fancy. When guests tell you, “I can’t decide. Everything sounds amazing,” the opportunity to indulge them with tastings and flights has arrived. Think beyond the standard beverage tasting flight by creating experiential food flights or presenting food pairings to match the beverage tastings.

Are you as well-known for your soup as the famous Seinfeld character? Offer a customized soup flight using small tasting glassware paired with small bites, such as goat cheese stuffed peppers, Old Bay seasoned crostini, or mini Monte Cristo sandwiches. Do you sell a lot of tastings from your craft beer selection? Entice them with a new experience by pairing your beers with a 5-course food sampler.

Shareable and personal reflect the modern guest’s desires, and when menu items are enhanced by customization and innovative presentations, the result is big profits, rave reviews and full houses.

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